Looking for a little extra knowledge and motivation?  Personal training sessions are available at King Gym from certified personal trainers.  Call or stop by the gym to talk to management.  We'll make certain you find the trainer who works best with your goals and abilities.


I’m Reggie Denis, ISSA Certified Personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach. I take a customized approach to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals while emphasizing mobility work. As a former competitive athlete, I’m passionate and have extensive experience working with both youth and professional athletes. My prior experience includes youth athletic-coordination, speed and skills training as well as strength training.  In addition, I’ve done mobility work with professional boxers, NBA and NFL athletes. As your trainer, I promise to bring high energy, enthusiasm and a smile to each our sessions.


Working out with a personal trainer can really help ensure you are successful in meeting your fitness goals. I have the knowledge and experience to help you along your fitness journey and become a better you. Let’s start now!

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IG - @hybridflex

I'm Evan Johnson, ACE certified personal trainer, Men's Physique Competitor, and former skinny guy who ran way too much. I specialize in helping people get to their version of "stage ready." In other words, I help people get in good enough shape to step out on stage and compete, even if they never plan on competing. I do this with a mix of solid and creative programming, nutritional counseling, and always with a wide smile.

You want to get shredded? I'm your guy.
You want a bigger butt, guns, or back? I'm your guy.
You want to get in the best shape of your life? I'm your guy.
You want to overhaul your body by losing fat, gaining muscle, and getting healthier? I'm your guy.
You need help with all of that including dealing with many of the mental aspects that creep up?  Pssst. I'm your guy.

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IG: @jejfitpro

Vívian Berta is a married mother of two boys who started her fitness journey in early 2014. After an injury she sought out the help of a chiropractor and through Physical Therapy, regained her strength and a new passion for wellness was born. Vívian is now a NASM certified Personal Trainer committed to showing people how to exercise properly with an emphasis on form and engaging a mind-muscle connection.

IG: @viviluxfitnes

King Gym is always looking for Personal Trainers with experience or just starting out.  Contact Bret Cenicola, owner of King Gym: 609-977-3041.

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